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Hello there! My name is JaZZ and I have over a decade of experience in the creative industries. Throughout my career as a full time musician I have developed a critical understanding of the art of online marketing on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. I have refined my performance, photography and video editing skills in order to provide engaging, high quality content to my loyal, dedicated and ever-growing fanbase.

I would love to help your brand grow online with beautiful content too!

I have travelled the world creating visuals and have an eye for vibrant, minimal and aesthetic content. My past projects include product, fashion, brand and travel videos/photography/music.


UGC Creator

what is ugc?

User-generated-content is a powerful video marketing tool, allowing brands to build authentic connections with their customers and social media platforms. Videos such as unboxings, testimonials, voiceovers, product demos and lifestyle vlogs have incredible engagement rates!

Why UGC?

By choosing content creators that look and sound like your real customers, you gain better connection and trust with your audience on a personal level – rather than being a faceless brand. UGC videos are intended for marketing use on platforms like Instagram/TikTok & Youtube. 12X more engagement with UGC videos.


  • 92% of consumers will trust UGC over branded content
  • 86% of businesses use UGC as part of their marketing strategy
  • 50% lower cost per click on average
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vs. ugc creator

Although these two creators can seem similar, they offer two very different content services.

An influencer uses their platform and audience to promote products and brands, whereas a UGC Creator creates personalised content for brands to use on their social media platforms.

UGC Content is created directly for the brand and therefore is more strategic in aligning well with your brands specific aesthetic and goals.

With influencers you're paying for the audience, with UGC creators you are paying for the content.

my video examples

Apple watch se

tech Unboxing

(60 seconds)

dolls kill

fashion unboxing

(30 seconds)

ralph lauren

voiceover vlog

(20 seconds)




Any product or brand can be marketed online with UGC videos. Using my merch cup as an example, I featured it in a personalised video with a sassy trending audio and managed to get my product onto the instagram algorithm - resulting in much higher sales and consumer reach.

ugc video

12.3Million Views


photo examples

UGC options

  • unboxing
  • product review/demo
  • airbnb/hotel
  • lifestyle vlog
  • Travel vlog
  • voiceover / asmr
  • 30 second info chat
  • customised brief

UGC rates

1 x ugc video $300

3 x ugc video $700

5 x ugc video $1000

2 x still images $200

10 x still images $500

email: jazzellacoogan@gmail.com

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